14 December 2008

Ice Storm 2008

It’s 2:00 am on Sunday, December 14, 2008. I’m sitting in the home of our friends, the Pitchers. We’re staying here tonight. Tomorrow night I’m not sure where we’ll be. Hopefully we don’t wear out our welcome to quickly.

Our home has been without power now for about 50 hours and the temperatures are hovering around 10 degrees.

Thursday night we bathed the kids, laid out school clothes, did our dished and ran the dishwasher, rotated our wet clothes to the dryer , then tucked ourselves into bed. I had worked that day and heard on the radio that we would be getting rain and temperatures may fall slightly giving us icy roads in the morning.

At 1:36 a.m. Matt and I sat strait up in bed, waked by a loud crashing sound outside our bedroom window. Our home was pitch dark. I hopped out of bed and searched for some of our flashlights we keep handy. I slipped on my shoes and coat and headed outside to investigate. As I opened the door I heard crashing sounds in the woods surrounding our house. As I walked around our home I came across large branches which had fallen to the ground around our bedrooms. The silhouette of a large tree bending over our home caught my attention. I went inside and checked on the kids who were awake and huddled together. I took them to the door to see what had happening. Just as we looked out we saw the top of a tree crack and fall across the street. We spent the rest of the morning all huddled together trying to sleep but being woken up by crashing branches and emergency vehicle sirens.

We cooked breakfast on our propane camp stove and layered our clothes. We made homemade ornaments for the kids tree, played hide and seek, and did other fun things to pass the time. In the late afternoon we hopped in the nice warm van and went for a drive to see some of the damage around town. Our elders invited us to their home for pizza. We thought that was a hoot. We had been invited to a dinner appointment at the elders! The party was moved to Pizza Hut where we and 6 elders chowed down and had a fantastic time. After dinner we headed home, weaving our way around branches and utilities vehicles. We drove through the northern stretch of Salem that was entirely out of power. Super Wal-Mart, gas stations, restaurants, and hundreds of homes were in complete darkness. We hunkered down for the night under layers of blankets. While we were in bed we got several calls (cell phones are working but getting poor reception) from friends who had power who insisted we jumped in the car and spent the night at their homes’. We decided to wait through the night since we were toasty and warm and the kids were already asleep. Everyone slept great, except myself. I had to keep jumping up and running to the bathroom to throw up. What a night for morning sickness to make it’s grand entry!

Morning came and we checked to thermostat to find our home was now 45 degrees inside. It was time to head out. Matt was so good to pack up everything while I sat with Lucy and an emergency bowl. We called our friends who lived nearest us to let them know we were taking them up on their offer. We arrived at our friends beautiful home where she quickly drew me a warm bath in her jacuzzi. I can’t believe how lucky we are to have so many good friends who were in a position to take us in.

The Pitchers took care of the kids while Matt did laundry other odds and ends. I was able to rest most of the afternoon and towards evening was able to keep down some ginger cookies, ginger root pills, Tylenol, and some water.

This storm apparently took meteorologists by surprise when a low (or was it a high?) came off of the Great Lakes. No one expected it and no one was totally prepared for it. We do have our 72 hour kits all ready to go and sitting near our front door but were able to avoid using them and will save them for another emergency another time. This one was a doozy though. I’ve been living in New England now for 10 years and haven’t seen anything like it. Branches were covered with ice that was ½” to 1” thick. We first heard that 250,000 homes were without power but it’s now over a million. Northern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire were the hardest hit. Salem, Windham, Pelham, over to Nashua sustained the worst damage. I believe it. It looks as though a hurricane ripped through with the exception of it being amazingly beautiful. Yards have been sprinkled with falling ice that makes it look like someone tossed diamonds over it. Trees look like they’re made of crystal and sparkle in the sunlight.

Last we heard our power was expected to be restored by Monday evening. In the mean time we’re grateful we have a warm place to stay and such loving people who’ve taken us in. We’re praying for others who aren’t so lucky and for those who are working so hard to bring our power back.

We took a LOT of pictures so I’ve uploaded them all into a new album. Following are some of our favorite pictures though.


It’s now 9:45 Sunday morning. The cable and internet went down last night and just came back up. We’re expecting the missionaries with all their investigators to come in about 45 minutes to take the sacrament and have a small service. Our power is still off at the church and at home.

To the left our bedroom windows.

10 December 2008

30 Years of Blessings

The anticipation of today has not been a joy. It's o.k. if someone else turns 30. They're not a day older to me then they were 5 years ago. I took no pity on Matt when he was unhappy at turning 30 and couldn't imagine that it would be "that big a' deal" when my turn came. Then it came a little closer and a little closer. I declared that there would be no cake today. No presents and no fanfare, to boot. I wanted my kids to be extra good and wanted permission to lounge around the house and shirk my responsibilities.

But, something interesting happened to me this morning and I felt to share it with you.

As I knelt to pray this morning I began to give thanks for this day. As I continued my prayer my memory was flooded with blessings the last 30 years have brought. Today has unexpectedly turned from a day of loathing maturity and normal gratification to a day to review the many, many blessings I enjoy.

I'm grateful for life. That it has been preserved for 30 years. That 10,957 times I've laid my head to rest and been kept safe and warm. That 10,958 times I've lifted my head from my pillow and experience something during that day. I am grateful for good days. I thank my God that I've had so many. I'm thankful for terrible days. I give thanks that I survived them and inevitably grew from them. I'm thankful that through the very hard times I've seen just what I'm made of. I'm grateful that during those hard times, and the good times too, I've been surrounded by so many good and gracious people. I am so very glad for friends who are righteous and friends who love me more then I deserve. I'm so grateful for people who have helped me yet do not know me. I am so overwhelmingly grateful for family. I thank God for family that went before me and smoothed some bumpy roads so that my way would be easier and I could go further. I love and give thanks for parents who gave everything for me, who sacrificed and loved me regardless of my faults and sometimes slow growth. I am thankful, so thankful for sisters and a brother who have stood by my side and been my loyal friends. I am grateful for my now family. I am so grateful for a husband who is loyal to me and faithful in everything. For standing by me and supporting me through very difficult moments. For sharing this life experience with me regardless of the test or lessons learned. I am thankful for the family that he brought with him. I thank a loving Heavenly Father for allowing me to have his precious children in my home. For allowing me a small taste of his joys and sorrows as a parent. I'm so grateful that my children are beautiful and healthy and free. I am thankful for country life in my youth. I am so thankful it taught me to work hard and live simply and to appreciate all of the Lord's beauty. I am so grateful for the time I have had to live in and see the busy east coast lifestyle.

Most importantly I am so grateful for Jesus Christ, my heavenly brother who suffered so I could be forgiven of things that would keep me from being with our Father in Heaven. I am thankful that he gave his life and took it up again, so should I die before I see 31 I will yet live again and be with my family the sealing power within the walls of his holy temples.

I look forward to another year of undeserved blessings and strength and pray the Lord blesses you with the same and the ability to see and feel all that you have also received.


09 December 2008

August 15, 2009 अगस्त १५, २००९

Yesterday I was in CVS and a little plastic stick asked me to take it home. Once I got home it told me a little secret.

This is what it said:

08 December 2008

An exhausting couple of wonderful weeks अन एक्स्हौस्तिंग कपल ऑफ़ वोंदेर्फुल वीक्स

I started to write up a new post the weekend of Thanksgiving and managed to draft one paragraph. This is how it began and ended: "At this very moment I am sitting on my couch very sore and unbelievably exhausted. Please, no pity. It was all very much self inflicted and throughly enjoyable." After hitting the period I promptly fell asleep on the couch (shoes, coat and all) and was woken up by a confused husband around 3:15 in the morning.

So, let me run through our Thanksgiving weekend and some of the interesting things since.

Wed PM: Seth arrives, preparing the feast begins. Now when I say it begins that means Seth and Matt sit down and create cooking tables, time lines, and spreadsheets. Please see picture for visual example of genetic neurosis. Of course, I can't mock too excessively. I got pretty excited when I was brining a laundry basket upstairs and my eyes beheld the splendor of their graphs! I actually caught my breath.

Thursday: Morning started with Turkey Bowl. Seth stayed home with the kids while Matt and I went and played a tough game of football. I was the only woman but I think I held my own o.k. We won all our games. Matt had some phenomenal plays and I didn't mess up to bad. No interceptions but I did manage to catch all the balls that were thrown at me and even quarterbacked with a football bigger then my head. Matt and I (and 3 out of 4 of our 'Elders'- I don't know what's so elderly about them!) we in what we considered excruciating pain by the time dinner rolled around. Seth and Matt slaved away in the kitchen all day and stayed right on track until the guests started to arrive. We were joined by 9 of our dear friends. We had our 4 missionaries. There was Elder Potter, Elder Juarez, Elder Mickelsen, and Elder Hess. The Mamet's also joined us for their first Thanksgiving. We had a wonderful time and ate until we were in pain. After a while Seth pulled out his light sabers and the Elders had a great time reenacting scenes from Star Wars. They have all the photos and haven't shared them yet but I'll confiscate them sooner or later and post them when I do. At the bottom of this blog I'll write all the details of our menus.

(Thanks to Zohar for pinch hitting on the pictures. Lesson learned: don't leave your camera in the freezing cold car.)

Friday: If I thought I was in pain on Thursday I was so very mistaken. I nearly cried when I got out of bed. It was the best incentive for daily work out I've ever had. Have I actually tried to work out daily? No. Something to work on though. But, back to our Friday. We began the day by sleeping in and lingering around doing next to nothing. Just like Black Friday should be. No stores, crowds, or trampling for cheap things that will end up in the trash in 5 years for us! Matt and Seth seem to consider cooking relaxing because even after being cooking feens on Thursday they got right to work Friday creating an interesting Lobster Ravioli and Eggs Benedict dish. Friday evening our fabulous Oliva and wonderful Yvonne watched the kids while Matt, Seth, and I went on a date. Sadly enough, I was the 3rd wheel. We went to see Quantum of Solace which I entirely enjoyed and dinner which was very tasty. I spent the rest of the night making crepes for our correlation meeting the next morning.

Lobster Ravioli and Eggs Benedict

Making the ravioli

Saturday: Seth and I were busy preparing the fillings for our crepes while Matt retrieved the missionaries. We had a great meeting and amazing food. Some of the deliciousness we put into our crepes was chocolate and vanilla pudding, strawberries and bananas, eggs and bacon, and one more, my favorite which was inspiration on Seth's part. Sweetened smooth ricotta with raspberry preserves filled the crepe while nutella and whipped cream and a homemade raspberry reduction topped it. It was heavenly. The Elders then helped us rake some remaining leaves. The rest of the day was uneventful.

Elder Potter, always working hard!

Pretty Elder Mickelsen and matchy, match, match Lucy.

Elder Juarez offering his moral support.

It's autumn time, it's autumn time, the leaves are falling in massive piles all over our freakin' yard!!!

The gimp (Elder Mickelsen) putting his good knee into it!

Elder Potter... still working hard. (he was the elder that wasn't sore the next day)

Trying to keep up with the Elders.

Since then: Work on our little business venture has been going very, very well. Our friend, Nicole Head has decided to be baptized. I've been doing as much as possible to help Jen and Mo pull their wedding together and will be working on their wedding cake next Friday (Weez... wanna play with some fondant?) There is one other thing I've been working on but you'll have to read an upcoming blog to learn more.

Here's the promised Thanksgiving menu:
  • Appetizers
    • Lobster Ravioli dressed with brown butter and sage
    • Butternut Ravioli dressed with brown butter and sage
    • Fried Ricotta and Mozzarella Ravioli served with marinara
    • Homemade Roasted Sugar and Spice Pecans
    • Vegetable Platter
    • Pastry Blanketed Brie with Raspberry Preserves served with various crackers
    • Shrimp served with cocktail sauce
    • Deviled Eggs
  • Main Dishes
    • Whole Smoked Turkey
    • Smashed Potatoes
    • Haricot Verts sauteed with shallots and bacon
    • German Red Cabbage
    • Mushroom and Sausage Stuffing
    • Simple Stuffing
    • Homemade Cranberry Sauce
    • Gravy
    • 5 Israeli Salads
  • Desserts
    • Chocolate Mousse Pie
    • Chocolate Pecan Pie
    • Pumpkin Pie
    • Apple Pie
    • Lemon Meringue Pie
    • Chocolate Pudding Pie
    • Halvah (חלבה) with Apple Slices
  • Beverages
    • Martinelli's Sparkling Cider
    • Water served with side of lemon
    • Cold Apple Cider
    • Pepsi
    • Sunkist
    • Hot Chocolate
    • Herbal Tea
(Special thanks to Seth for providing all the not-so-standard ingredients!)

25 November 2008

Sleepovers स्लीपोवेर्स

This past weekend Matt packed up and went camping with the scouts in 20 degree temperatures. So, I decided to pack up the kids and have a sleepover of our own. The kids and I spent Friday and Saturday at the Mamets. They are some of our best friends and were fabulous hosts. We played, watched movies, slept, and ate delicious Israeli foods (my favorite, yum!). Here's a couple of pictures.

16 November 2008

Primary Presentation प्राईमरी प्रेजेंटेशन

The kids had their annual Primary Presentation today. Of course they were adorable and naturally we were bursting with pride.

Noah's part:
I am a child of God...
I shouted for joy when I heard of God's plan
To create an earth for the family of man.
I shouted for joy when He told us that we
Would each have a body and our own family.
I shouted for joy when I learned we'd be free
To choose to do right and to use agency.
I shouted for joy but I knew that each sin
Would keep me from coming again unto Him.
To live in His presence in mansions above.
But I shouted for joy when I learned of God's love,
A love that would offer His very own Son
To atone for my sins and mistakes, every one.
I shouted for joy when I heard of God's plan
And felt the pure love of the Savior of man.

Abby's part: I am a child of God... The prophet receives revelations and commandments for members of the church.

We took out the clothes Grandma Judy bought for Christmas and I made each of them take an oath to protect and defend their beautiful clothes at any cost. They swore they would and they looked so fantastic... well, I'll let you judge for yourself!

14 November 2008

I'm here, I'm alive, I'm happy, I'm keepin' busy! इ ऍम हियर, इ ऍम अलिवे, इ ऍम हैप्पी, इ ऍम कीपिंग बुस्य!

I'm back! At least for a couple minutes. I've been given the day off by my very awesome husband to work on something (I'll tell you all about it later in the post) and organize some things around the house that have been driving me bananas. I'm sorry for the gap in info.

Last night I had the most amazing experience. One of my callings is a ward missionary. I get to go out with the missionaries serving in our area and meet people and help teach the lessons. I've done this several times and always love my experiences. Last night was unique though. I was invited to visit a couple I've met with once before and just loved. They live together and have been looking together for a new religion. Their experience is amazing but what's happening to them now is even more amazing. As I entered their home with the Elders I was impressed with the feeling there. It's hard for me to put into words. All I can say is that it was Heavenly. We talked about opposition in life and how the Lord is always fighting our fights with us when we are obedient to his commandments. Then we taught them about the gospel of Jesus Christ being restored to the earth in these last days. As we talked with them our Elder Potter encouraged them to consider marriage. They agreed that it was something they would like to do and will be working on. Then Elder Potter asked them if they would like to consider setting a date for baptism, whether or not it was something they ultimately wanted to do. Now mind you we have had very open conversations about baptism and why the missionaries would ask and want them to be baptized. Our couple have spent a lot of time praying and expressed that the feeling they had was this was right. They set a date and I was so glad to be a part of something so special to them. In the 2 weeks I've known them I've already seen a growth in them. I see it in their attitudes and their eyes. I feel it when they talk and I hear it in their voice. They are refreshed and strengthened in ways they didn't know they could be. And so it is with the gospel. When we live it and understand it we are blessed with strength and courage and love, just to name a few things. I love being with the missionaries. It is such a blessing.

Now I'll tell you about my project that's keeping me extra busy. I can't go into specifics until the product is out so I hope this will be enough for now. We've started up a new company and we're in the middle of getting our product made. It's a very exciting and promising venture and I have nothing but good feelings about it. I believe at some point it will take us west though, which will be exciting for me. I've missed my family so much.

I guess that's enough about me and business. The kids are all doing great. They're all happy (except Abby in the morning and Lucy in the evening) and learning and growing. I'm always impressed at how much they understand and want to know. Noah's playing violin and in scouts (I'm his den mother) and Abby is getting the hang of reading and we spend a lot of time being read to and sitting together reading before bed. Lucy is more or less potty trained. She's also growning so fast and learning so quick. I can't believe she's only 2.

I'll be attaching photos to our photo album in the upper corner today (with Heaven's help!) so feel free to browse through it.

Love you all and hope you and yours are and living right.

Elder Potter, Moses, Jennifer, Elder Juarez

11 September 2008

Our New Scout ओउर न्यू स्काउट

Noah had his first pack meeting last night and had a great time. He's so excited and has so much fun with the other boys. Noah and I are totally new to all this scouting business. I'm so glad Matt knows what to do. Brian, being the only boy, was the only scout out of all my siblings and I left home about the time he was old enough. I guess we'll just throw ourselves into it and try to swim!

(pics to be uploaded later from another computer)

Mold Mitigation मोल्ड मिटिगेशन

It's taken a while but our mold problem is taken care of! SERVPRO spent several days scrubbing, scrapping, scouring and sanitizing our walls, floors, ceilings, and belongings. They even partially removed several walls. They did a great job and were very friendly and professional. Even with all the losses we were very happy to have them there. (sounds like a review!) Here's a few pictures.


During & After

10 September 2008

Little Known Fact... लिटिल क्नोवन फक्त...

This was formerly a sidebar but it's just to dang long. If I missed your name feel free to email me at hoegers@hotmail.com and give me a hard time about it. I'll consider it a blessing to have more friends then I do time and memory.

Hydi loves Etymology. Names in particular. Here is a list of some of the Hoeger friends names (and some middle names) and their meanings. Try to find yours and then take the poll in the sidebar. If I left you off the list (not on purpose, of course) or you know of more meanings to your name then I've listed- send them this way!


Matthew: Hebrew
Meanings(s): Gift from God

Willard: Old English
Meaning(s): Strong Desire

Hydi (Heidi/Adelheid): German
Meaning(s): Exalted nature; noble countenance; the shape of noble conviction; noble and kind; noble sort; noble one; warrior maiden (oh yeah!)

Jan (from John): Hebrew
Meaning(s): The Lord is Gracious

Noah: Hebrew
Meaning(s): Peaceful; Restful

Abigail (Avigail): Hebrew
Meaning(s): Father's Joy

Lucy: Latin
Meaning(s): Light

Elle: French/ English
Meaning(s): She

Tobias: Hebrew
Meaning(s): Jehovah is Good; God is Good

Eli: Hebrew
Meaning(s): Ascended; My God; On High

Janelle (Modern Jane): Hebrew/French
Meaning(s): God is Gracious

Terry: Old German
Meaning(s): Power of the Tribe

Lynn (Flann): Irish/ Gaelic
Meaning(s): Ruddy-complected

Amy: Old French/ Latin
Meaning(s): Beloved; To Love

Tacee (Tasi/Taci/ Tasee): Zuni
Meaning(s): Washing Tub (sorry Tac...)

Sue (Susan/Susannah): Hebrew
Meaning(s): Lily

Ali: Arabic
Meaning(s): Exalted

Bess (from Elizabeth): Hebrew
Meaning(s): God's Promise

Brian: Celtic/Irish/Gaelic
Meaning(s): High; Noble; Strength

Judith: Hebrew
Meaning(s): From Judea; He Will Be Praised

George: Greek
Meaning(s): Farmer

Amelia and Emily: Latin/ Old German
Meaning(s): Industrious; Striving; Work

Seth: Hebrew
Meaning(s): Set; Appointed

Michael: Hebrew
Meaning(s): Who Resembles God

Naomi: Hebrew
Meaning(s): Pleasant

Beth (Elisabeth): Hebrew
Meaning(s): House; God's Promise

Lousia (Louise): Old German
Meaning(s): Renowned Fighter

Ida: Old German/ Greek/ Old English
Meaning(s): Hardworking; Hardworking; Happy

Alex: Greek
Meaning(s): Man's Defender; Warrior

Maximilian: Latin
Meaning(s): Greatest

Sophey: Greek
Meaning(s): Wisdom

Jeffrey: Old German
Meaning(s): Peace

Zachary: Hebrew
Meaning(s): The Lord Recalled

Zohar: Hebrew
Meaning(s): Brilliant Light

Oren: Hebrew/Irish/ Gaelic
Meaning(s): Pine tree; fair; pale

Ohad: Hebrew
Meaning(s): Loved One

Yuli: Latin
Meaning(s): Youthful

Manasi: Sanskrit
Meaning: With a sound mind

Rahul: Sanskrit
Meaning(s): Conquerer of all miseries; Moon

Raj: Hindi
Meaning(s): King

Ishani: Hindi
Meaning(s): Goddess Durga; Desire

Laura: Latin
Meaning(s): the bay; laurel plant

Joanie (from Joan): Hebrew
Meaning(s): The Lord is Gracious

Chad (Ceadda): Old English
Meaning(s): defense; battle

Erich and Eric: Scandinavian/ Old Norse
Meaning(s): Complete Ruler

Krista and Christina: Latin
Meaning(s): Anointed; Christian

Stephen: Greek
Meaning(s): Crown Garland

Jacey: American/ Spanish
Meaning(s): Hyacinthia; Flower

Spencer: Middle English
Meaning(s): Dispenser of Provisions

Kelly: Irish/ Gaelic
Meaning(s): Descendant of Caellach; Bright-Headed; Strife; Church or Monastery

Chanelle: Old French
Meaning(s): Pipe; Channel

Daniel: Hebrew
Meaning(s): God is My Judge

Shawn: Hebrew/ Irish/ Gaelic
Meaning(s): God is Gracious

Aaron: Hebrew
Meaning(s): Mountain of Strength

Deborah: Hebrew
Meaning(s): Bee

Andrea: Greek
Meaning(s): Manley; Virile

Rebekah (Rebecca, Becky): Hebrew
Meaning(s): To Bind

Tania: Latin
Meaning(s): A Fairy Queen

Glenn: Irish/ Gaelic
Meaning(s): Narrow Valley

Rochelle: French/ Old German
Meaning(s): Little Rock; Rest

Rob: Old German
Meaning(s): Bright Fame


Ford: English
Meaning(s): Once who lived near a ford or river crossing; pass or crossing

Swapp: Scottish
Meaning(s): to sweep; oresman

Ashby: Old English
Meaning(s): amongst ash trees

Hoeger: German
Meaning(s): a forest warden; ‘to mind, take care; status name denoting a minor tenant

Lawrie: English
Meaning(s): of Laurentum

Richards: English
Meaning(s): Powerful; Brave

Day (
Daei): Olde English
Meaning(s): From the word daeg meaning day; day-bright; day-protection;
Derived from Davit meaning "beloved"

Sowards: English/ Irish
Meaning(s): Seward

Beck (Becc): Anglo-Saxon
Meaning(s): A brook

Colona: Italian:
Meaning(s): Farmer, farm laborer

Weber: German
Meaning(s): A weaver of cloth

Allman: German
Meaning(s): A Tribe of "All-Men"

Chambers: English
Meaning(s): Chamber Servant

27 August 2008

BACK TO SCHOOL! बेक तो स्कूल!

It's finally here! We feared it would never but it did! The clothes were ironed and laid out, the bags were packed with new supplies, blessings were given, food was packed, a heartier breakfast then normal was provided and a teeth were scrubbed until they sparkled. Then mom checked them over. And then checked them over again.

Abby and Noah's first day of school was today. It's Abby's first time going all day and this year Noah and Abby are going to different schools. Luckily they get to ride the same bus, which was reassuring to Abby who was a little nervous. Due to normal first day of school hiccups the school bus was very late, picking up the kids up and dropping them off. But they entertained themselves well enough.

I ended up working today so I got a phone call this evening from some very excited kids who told me all about their really fun teachers and their new friends and their great schools and the playground and the school lunch, etc. It was wonderful to hear. Noah and Abby's teachers both took an opportunity to call us and let us know that he/she was doing terrific and being attentive and hadn't stopped smiling! A very promising school year!!!

(these were taken with Matt's work camera and I didn't have my computer so please forgive the grainy pictures!)