23 August 2008

Camping and Birthing Cows कैम्पिंग एंड बिर्थिंग कव्स

So how, you're wondering, do cows giving birth and camping end up together? Read on to satisfy your curiosity!

Yesterday we packed up and drove to Harold Parker State Forest in our old hometown for a ward campout. An hour after packing up we were again unpacked and enjoying the company of our friends and fellow ward members. We enjoyed gourmet hot dogs (I enjoyed hummus... dogs- blahk), perfectly roasted mallows, baked beans, macaroni salad, chips, um... cookies... and, um, other stuff people brought. It was fun.


Lucy got 2nd degree burns on the back of her right hand (she already had a spider bite on her left hand).

And then it was bed.

Morning came, and hot chocolate, good conversation, breakfast, cleaning, and then packing up followed.

Somehow during our 20 hour campout Matt was able to make arrangements to go scuba diving, golfing, hunting, ski jetting, put together a soft ball team, and I'm sure I don't know what. Now he just needs time (and scuba instructions).

Once we were packed up and on the road we decided to swing by our favorite ice cream place. It is THE BEST we've ever had. It was a little to conveniently located at our MA home but very inconveniently located from our new home. So, of course we had to go. It also happens to be a dairy with maternity wards, a nursery area, a milking area, and chickens and roosters that you can visit. When we got there I noticed a very uncomfortable looking cow so we stood around for a while and wouldn't you know it... she gave birth to a very gross looking baby boy or girl. She did remarkably well and was an inspiration. I could tell, however, that she wasn't a scientologist. All-in-all it was wonderfully gross and awesome. And after watching a cow birth alone (and clean up everything herself ) I am very happy to be a human mother.

It has been a very interesting, fun, tiring, and gross weekend. Hope yours is the same! ;)

20 August 2008

Noah नोः

I don't know how my father-in-law got Noah to hold still long enough for these shots but he did and George took some great pictures . I just got them and had to put them up. They portray Noah perfectly.

(Thanks again George!)

19 August 2008

Six Flags! (That's slang for $$$$$$) सिक्स फ्लाग्स! (ठाट इस सलंग फॉर $$$$$$)

Our day at Six Flags with the birthday girl!

First, we waited in long lines.
Then, all us who don't get sick hopped in the infamous teacups and went for a spin.


(insert imaginary pictures of kids having fun on waterslides and really tan, slender and fit parents also enjoying the waterpark.)

(I said imagine! Why do you think we left the cameras in the lockers?!)

Noah, ever the gentleman, let the lady drive.

While I held on for dear life. (How fast do you have to take a turn in one of these to tip?)

but every cloud has a silver lining

For example; lines aren't just shorter... they're gone!

the operators get the show on the road a little faster

and you get to make new friends like the fabulous LATOYYA

Of course no day at the park is complete without an ride (or two) on the carousel.

Or a photo opp...

Or two!

And as they say "That's All Folks!"