21 June 2009

Updates (a.k.a. BLAH)

Blah. Everyone's been asking how I'm doing and how things are going. Blah pretty much describes it all. And I AM being optimistic!

Here's a quick summary of how things are going with the pregnancy-
  • My weight has begun to drop again (-5 lbs. in the week between my dr.'s apts.).
  • My hematocrit (used to measure iron) levels are dropping despite any treatments.
  • I'm still getting 2 liters of fluids a day.
  • The baby is measuring small. We have another ultrasound on Thur. to check her again.
  • There is a possibility that she'll delivered before term.
  • There's a possibility that I'll need a blood transfusion.
  • There's a possibility that she be delivered c-section.
  • My nausea let up a little in the 2nd trimester but is back with the 3rd (although a little more manageable with the IV's and anti-emetics).
  • All my non-stress tests (NST) have had good results. She responds well to whatever contractions I've had during the tests.

So, unless things change it's likely I've only got another 3 to 5 weeks to hang in there. That's it for me.

Matt had his shoulder operated on and it was the best case scenario. They just had to scrap bursa and file down a spur. He's going to physical therapy once a week and they hope to have him back to work in about a month.

Noah had his pinewood derby last Wednesday and came in 4th. He also won for most realistic car. (it was made to look like a shark) Noah is also scheduled for surgery on the 24th of Aug. He'll be getting his umbillical hernia fixed and it should be a pretty easy procedure.

Abby also got to make a car for the pinewood derby but she didn't get to place (powderpuff but she wasn't old enough to place). She did win most original (she had a silver bus with flowers on it).

Lucy is loving having her brother and sister home for the summer. She has someone to play with, finally!

Well, that's it for today.