15 February 2009

Pics for Bri

Here's some promised pics for Bri-

Where have you been?

So now that things have improved we'll fill you in on some details and misc. infomation. Also- there's going to be a lot of random pictures for Brian on here.

The beginning of Dec. I began to suspect I was pregnant. I was missing a certain reoccurring event, I was tired, and I was starting to feel a little nauseous. We decided we'd just wait it out a while, there was no hurry to find out. On the 8th of December I so nauseous I decided it was time. Sure enough, Hoeger #4 was on it's way. I enjoyed my birthday two days later by trying not to be too sick. That weekend our ice storm hit. And so did full fledged morning sickness. Throughout the month of Dec. my morning sickness got worse but I was still able to drink some fluid and eat some food and keep it down. I was diagnosed with mild hyperemesis by mid-Dec. My the time January rolled around I wasn't keeping down anything and I spent my days sleeping, throwing up, and staring out my window at the trees (I've got all the limbs memorized now). I wasn't able to talk on the phone, watch tv, listen to music, or read. The only time I could do any of those things was immediately after I threw up and I only had about a 20 min. window.Matt meanwhile was trying to manage his job at UPS and our business, take care of the house, care for the kids, and everything else that needs to be done. I'm so grateful for family, friends, and my kids fantastic teachers for all the help he had. So while Matt was exhausted and about to snap I was in and out of the hospital and switching medication about every week. On medication inparticular gave me vertigo. I was rushed to the Dr. where I recieved IV's on the spot to try to flush the medication out of my system. I would rather have hyperemesis for another week then have vertigo for 10 min. During the course visits to the hospital I lost 25 lbs. and my muscles slightly atrophied. I also felt like a human pin cushion. By the time I finally recieved my PICC line the nurse and I counted that I had 15 needle marks in a 2 1/2 week period. The PICC line was a whole different experience. I expected it to be an IV I could unhook when I needed to. Well, it is that but a little more complicated. I had to go into the oncology wing to have it inserted and when I got there they told me that my room would be ready in moment. Why would I need a room?! Then they brought me to my bed, barf bowl in hand, and gave me a johnny coat. What did I need a johnny coat?! When I was dressed the nurse came in with a large package and began to explain to me that in a sterile environment the PICC line would be inserted, while using an ultrasoud, into an artery in my uppper arm. It would then be fed through my artery, through my shoulder, and it would rest about an inch above my heart. AHHH! So I've got this lovely port and line that we hook up to an IV once or twice a day so I can get 2000 ml of fluid (1 vitamin infused) each day. It takes about 4 hours and is a ball! People ask if I can feel the line inside me. I can feel a flutter the kind of takes my breath away if lay on my side while I'm getting my fluid. Other then that it's realtivly painless. Infact, the worst part of getting it put in was finding out how it was put in, followed by the 2 stings of numbing whatever-they-use. So, they've descovered I can't digest the oral pills properly and they found me a new medicine that seems to work adiquitly. I still get nauseous (like I am currently) but it's more of an irritation then an urge to run for the toilet or grab a bowl. I've got a little more energy but I'm still drained after simple choress. It's great to be able to help the kids with their homework now and read to them and paint fingernails and do simple, fun things with them. Once in a while I even try to leave the house.

So, that's the skinny on me.

Now, plenty of things have been happening in the family. Noah had his violin concert, the kids spent a week with Grandma Judy (Lucy spent 2), Matt's arm is still a mess and this week they may actually find out why (love workman's comp :l ), our my newest business venture if back on track and getting done very quickly. Mum's still the word when it comes to what it is though. Someday, you'll all find out... promise! I promise it's nothing illegal though. ;) Ohhhh, and we're only having 1 baby. Still 6 weeks (in my 2nd trimester now) until we can find out that's it's a boy!