15 August 2008

Rockport and Happy Birthday Abby! रोच्क्पोर्ट एंड हैप्पी बर्थडे अब्बी

It's Abby's 6th birthday and we're off to 6 Flags!!! We'll post pictures as soon we get back!

Last weekend we went to Rockport and went swimming. Matt and his brother, Seth, went snorkeling. They were supposed to go scuba diving but there was a problem with one of Seth's valves. But, they were rewarded with several crab and 1 lobster that was apparently amazingly delicious. Here are some pictures of the very beautiful day.

Lucy and Abby
Seth and Noah
New England Panoramic
Quintessential New England
Lucy and Sophey

Noah (and yes, he sits like a Iraqi)
Seth and Abby
Standard New England Beach Home
This is where we were... self explanatory What you don't find in tide pools! (we almost threw it back)
Waves and snorkels... what more could you want?Don't you wish you could sit like this again
It should make you feel better to know that even 2 year olds get tired.