14 November 2008

I'm here, I'm alive, I'm happy, I'm keepin' busy! इ ऍम हियर, इ ऍम अलिवे, इ ऍम हैप्पी, इ ऍम कीपिंग बुस्य!

I'm back! At least for a couple minutes. I've been given the day off by my very awesome husband to work on something (I'll tell you all about it later in the post) and organize some things around the house that have been driving me bananas. I'm sorry for the gap in info.

Last night I had the most amazing experience. One of my callings is a ward missionary. I get to go out with the missionaries serving in our area and meet people and help teach the lessons. I've done this several times and always love my experiences. Last night was unique though. I was invited to visit a couple I've met with once before and just loved. They live together and have been looking together for a new religion. Their experience is amazing but what's happening to them now is even more amazing. As I entered their home with the Elders I was impressed with the feeling there. It's hard for me to put into words. All I can say is that it was Heavenly. We talked about opposition in life and how the Lord is always fighting our fights with us when we are obedient to his commandments. Then we taught them about the gospel of Jesus Christ being restored to the earth in these last days. As we talked with them our Elder Potter encouraged them to consider marriage. They agreed that it was something they would like to do and will be working on. Then Elder Potter asked them if they would like to consider setting a date for baptism, whether or not it was something they ultimately wanted to do. Now mind you we have had very open conversations about baptism and why the missionaries would ask and want them to be baptized. Our couple have spent a lot of time praying and expressed that the feeling they had was this was right. They set a date and I was so glad to be a part of something so special to them. In the 2 weeks I've known them I've already seen a growth in them. I see it in their attitudes and their eyes. I feel it when they talk and I hear it in their voice. They are refreshed and strengthened in ways they didn't know they could be. And so it is with the gospel. When we live it and understand it we are blessed with strength and courage and love, just to name a few things. I love being with the missionaries. It is such a blessing.

Now I'll tell you about my project that's keeping me extra busy. I can't go into specifics until the product is out so I hope this will be enough for now. We've started up a new company and we're in the middle of getting our product made. It's a very exciting and promising venture and I have nothing but good feelings about it. I believe at some point it will take us west though, which will be exciting for me. I've missed my family so much.

I guess that's enough about me and business. The kids are all doing great. They're all happy (except Abby in the morning and Lucy in the evening) and learning and growing. I'm always impressed at how much they understand and want to know. Noah's playing violin and in scouts (I'm his den mother) and Abby is getting the hang of reading and we spend a lot of time being read to and sitting together reading before bed. Lucy is more or less potty trained. She's also growning so fast and learning so quick. I can't believe she's only 2.

I'll be attaching photos to our photo album in the upper corner today (with Heaven's help!) so feel free to browse through it.

Love you all and hope you and yours are and living right.

Elder Potter, Moses, Jennifer, Elder Juarez