04 April 2009

Jeepers, Creepers! I forgot to tell you...

It's a girl!

This is why I don't gamble. She's very healthy and active. (unlike her mama)

03 April 2009

Oh, whoa is me... ;)

Since nobody will believe I hadn't updated the blog because I don't do anything- here's an exciting tutorial of my day.

Finally showered (should have taken a picture of my arm all wrapped in Press and Seal... every time I shower) and dressed.

My fabulous nurse, Alicia shows up.

The changing begins...
Off with the old. The red marks on my arm is from my skin becoming irritated and breaking open. It seems you can't wear bandages for 3 months without making it unhappy.
People are always facinated by this sight. This is the insertion site. The blue tube is fed through my arm, up my shoulder, and sits about an inch above my heart.
Swabbin' the site. They use something that rivals battery acid to sterilize the site. Very painful when it's new or starts leaking!
Ahhhhhhhh... the new bandage. See you next week, Alicia.

Matt has done this for me every single day for the last 3 months.

Step One- drawing out 2 bottles of vitamins for my banana bag.

Step Two- Injecting the bags (sorry a little blurry- he's a quick one!)

Step Three- Inserting the tubing into the bag.

Step Four- Bleed the line.

Step Five- Feed line through pump.

Steps Six and Seven- Sterilize PICC line cap. Flush with saline (tastes icky!).

Step Eight- Insert tubing into PICC line cap.

Step Nine- Program the pump and start infusion.

Step Ten- Be tethered to a loud, irritable machine the next 4-5 hours. Visit the potty frequently. Find something to do (like play around on the computer ;).