28 January 2009

Noah's concert and update

(From several Wed. ago)

This is Matt posting this one as Hydi is currently feeling the affects of a baby infestation.
So here are some very quick updates....
Noah had his first violin recital last night. Here is a video and some pictures.

Hydi is doing everything she can to keep the fetus from devouring her from the inside out. Tomorrow comes the first ultrasound to RULE OUT twins. Then comes the insertion of a PIC line so she can get some fluids at home.

Our children are currently with Grandma Judy getting everything they want while Hydi and I try to keep things under control at home. Thanks to Ali who came for a whole week and put our house back together and Grandma Judy and Milla who kept it goin for us.

Thanks to everyone who's offered to help. We hope this all ends soon and we can't wait to get back to life as normal.