11 September 2008

Our New Scout ओउर न्यू स्काउट

Noah had his first pack meeting last night and had a great time. He's so excited and has so much fun with the other boys. Noah and I are totally new to all this scouting business. I'm so glad Matt knows what to do. Brian, being the only boy, was the only scout out of all my siblings and I left home about the time he was old enough. I guess we'll just throw ourselves into it and try to swim!

(pics to be uploaded later from another computer)

Mold Mitigation मोल्ड मिटिगेशन

It's taken a while but our mold problem is taken care of! SERVPRO spent several days scrubbing, scrapping, scouring and sanitizing our walls, floors, ceilings, and belongings. They even partially removed several walls. They did a great job and were very friendly and professional. Even with all the losses we were very happy to have them there. (sounds like a review!) Here's a few pictures.


During & After

10 September 2008

Little Known Fact... लिटिल क्नोवन फक्त...

This was formerly a sidebar but it's just to dang long. If I missed your name feel free to email me at hoegers@hotmail.com and give me a hard time about it. I'll consider it a blessing to have more friends then I do time and memory.

Hydi loves Etymology. Names in particular. Here is a list of some of the Hoeger friends names (and some middle names) and their meanings. Try to find yours and then take the poll in the sidebar. If I left you off the list (not on purpose, of course) or you know of more meanings to your name then I've listed- send them this way!


Matthew: Hebrew
Meanings(s): Gift from God

Willard: Old English
Meaning(s): Strong Desire

Hydi (Heidi/Adelheid): German
Meaning(s): Exalted nature; noble countenance; the shape of noble conviction; noble and kind; noble sort; noble one; warrior maiden (oh yeah!)

Jan (from John): Hebrew
Meaning(s): The Lord is Gracious

Noah: Hebrew
Meaning(s): Peaceful; Restful

Abigail (Avigail): Hebrew
Meaning(s): Father's Joy

Lucy: Latin
Meaning(s): Light

Elle: French/ English
Meaning(s): She

Tobias: Hebrew
Meaning(s): Jehovah is Good; God is Good

Eli: Hebrew
Meaning(s): Ascended; My God; On High

Janelle (Modern Jane): Hebrew/French
Meaning(s): God is Gracious

Terry: Old German
Meaning(s): Power of the Tribe

Lynn (Flann): Irish/ Gaelic
Meaning(s): Ruddy-complected

Amy: Old French/ Latin
Meaning(s): Beloved; To Love

Tacee (Tasi/Taci/ Tasee): Zuni
Meaning(s): Washing Tub (sorry Tac...)

Sue (Susan/Susannah): Hebrew
Meaning(s): Lily

Ali: Arabic
Meaning(s): Exalted

Bess (from Elizabeth): Hebrew
Meaning(s): God's Promise

Brian: Celtic/Irish/Gaelic
Meaning(s): High; Noble; Strength

Judith: Hebrew
Meaning(s): From Judea; He Will Be Praised

George: Greek
Meaning(s): Farmer

Amelia and Emily: Latin/ Old German
Meaning(s): Industrious; Striving; Work

Seth: Hebrew
Meaning(s): Set; Appointed

Michael: Hebrew
Meaning(s): Who Resembles God

Naomi: Hebrew
Meaning(s): Pleasant

Beth (Elisabeth): Hebrew
Meaning(s): House; God's Promise

Lousia (Louise): Old German
Meaning(s): Renowned Fighter

Ida: Old German/ Greek/ Old English
Meaning(s): Hardworking; Hardworking; Happy

Alex: Greek
Meaning(s): Man's Defender; Warrior

Maximilian: Latin
Meaning(s): Greatest

Sophey: Greek
Meaning(s): Wisdom

Jeffrey: Old German
Meaning(s): Peace

Zachary: Hebrew
Meaning(s): The Lord Recalled

Zohar: Hebrew
Meaning(s): Brilliant Light

Oren: Hebrew/Irish/ Gaelic
Meaning(s): Pine tree; fair; pale

Ohad: Hebrew
Meaning(s): Loved One

Yuli: Latin
Meaning(s): Youthful

Manasi: Sanskrit
Meaning: With a sound mind

Rahul: Sanskrit
Meaning(s): Conquerer of all miseries; Moon

Raj: Hindi
Meaning(s): King

Ishani: Hindi
Meaning(s): Goddess Durga; Desire

Laura: Latin
Meaning(s): the bay; laurel plant

Joanie (from Joan): Hebrew
Meaning(s): The Lord is Gracious

Chad (Ceadda): Old English
Meaning(s): defense; battle

Erich and Eric: Scandinavian/ Old Norse
Meaning(s): Complete Ruler

Krista and Christina: Latin
Meaning(s): Anointed; Christian

Stephen: Greek
Meaning(s): Crown Garland

Jacey: American/ Spanish
Meaning(s): Hyacinthia; Flower

Spencer: Middle English
Meaning(s): Dispenser of Provisions

Kelly: Irish/ Gaelic
Meaning(s): Descendant of Caellach; Bright-Headed; Strife; Church or Monastery

Chanelle: Old French
Meaning(s): Pipe; Channel

Daniel: Hebrew
Meaning(s): God is My Judge

Shawn: Hebrew/ Irish/ Gaelic
Meaning(s): God is Gracious

Aaron: Hebrew
Meaning(s): Mountain of Strength

Deborah: Hebrew
Meaning(s): Bee

Andrea: Greek
Meaning(s): Manley; Virile

Rebekah (Rebecca, Becky): Hebrew
Meaning(s): To Bind

Tania: Latin
Meaning(s): A Fairy Queen

Glenn: Irish/ Gaelic
Meaning(s): Narrow Valley

Rochelle: French/ Old German
Meaning(s): Little Rock; Rest

Rob: Old German
Meaning(s): Bright Fame


Ford: English
Meaning(s): Once who lived near a ford or river crossing; pass or crossing

Swapp: Scottish
Meaning(s): to sweep; oresman

Ashby: Old English
Meaning(s): amongst ash trees

Hoeger: German
Meaning(s): a forest warden; ‘to mind, take care; status name denoting a minor tenant

Lawrie: English
Meaning(s): of Laurentum

Richards: English
Meaning(s): Powerful; Brave

Day (
Daei): Olde English
Meaning(s): From the word daeg meaning day; day-bright; day-protection;
Derived from Davit meaning "beloved"

Sowards: English/ Irish
Meaning(s): Seward

Beck (Becc): Anglo-Saxon
Meaning(s): A brook

Colona: Italian:
Meaning(s): Farmer, farm laborer

Weber: German
Meaning(s): A weaver of cloth

Allman: German
Meaning(s): A Tribe of "All-Men"

Chambers: English
Meaning(s): Chamber Servant