20 July 2008

Visit from the family विसित फ्रॉम थे फमिलीय

Dad, Brian, and Mom came out for Noah's baptism. It was wonderful to have them!!! The kids loved playing with Brian and I'm still picking marshmallows off the deck (thanks Mom! ;) We'll try to post some pictures of Noah's baptism when we get them straightened out.

Skater Boy स्कटर बॉय

Noah has clearly not inherited my agility... or lack of it. He's become interested in skateboarding and has picked it up VERY quickly. There's an awesome skate park about a mile down the road that he frequents. He's still to scared for the half pipe but we'll be there with the video camera when he does it! The first video is of Noah sticking 2 ramps and the second is of him biting it (hard). Don't watch the second if you're squeamish. He didn't cry and he got up just a moment after the movie cuts. He's one tough cookie!

Getting right to it... गेत्तिंग रिघ्त तो आईटी...

I've always been anti-blog. Putting my feelings and thoughts on the web just isn't for me. Journal? Absolutely. World Wide Web? Nope.

So, what would finally make me a e-blogger? Friends and family scattered far and wide. I just can't seem to get them to stay nearby.

This is for Manasi, Zohar, Brian, and all my loved ones across this continent.

This isn't going to be very personal but we'll keep you updated on our adventures. We're going to do our best to throw some good stuff on here when we can. To start off with we'll be putting up some pictures and captions. I'll try to keep you up to date as we go along. I'll also, per request, put up some pictures/videos of the new home.

Welllllllll, here goes!