27 August 2008

BACK TO SCHOOL! बेक तो स्कूल!

It's finally here! We feared it would never but it did! The clothes were ironed and laid out, the bags were packed with new supplies, blessings were given, food was packed, a heartier breakfast then normal was provided and a teeth were scrubbed until they sparkled. Then mom checked them over. And then checked them over again.

Abby and Noah's first day of school was today. It's Abby's first time going all day and this year Noah and Abby are going to different schools. Luckily they get to ride the same bus, which was reassuring to Abby who was a little nervous. Due to normal first day of school hiccups the school bus was very late, picking up the kids up and dropping them off. But they entertained themselves well enough.

I ended up working today so I got a phone call this evening from some very excited kids who told me all about their really fun teachers and their new friends and their great schools and the playground and the school lunch, etc. It was wonderful to hear. Noah and Abby's teachers both took an opportunity to call us and let us know that he/she was doing terrific and being attentive and hadn't stopped smiling! A very promising school year!!!

(these were taken with Matt's work camera and I didn't have my computer so please forgive the grainy pictures!)