26 April 2009

What kind of parents are we?!

Last weekend our ward had a cake auction to help our scouts pay for camp. Everyone was invited to bring a cake to donate and Matt had the grand idea to make the famous Hostess cake. It was a work of art, an amazing tribute to everything preservative. I can't even comprehend how many calories and fat was in it. It was stunning though and someone was going to want to pay a hefty price for it to be sure!

And then...

...the rice crispy treat cake that supported all the Hostessnessy goodness started to collapse. The forensics team has determined the rice to mallow ratio was poor (too many mallows is a bad thing?!).

So, we beg 2 questions.

The first, what would you do if you had a useless mountain of Hostess goodiness?

Our answer: Give your kids 3 minutes to eat as much as they can then chuck it!

The second question... does this make us "wicked awesome" parents or negligent parents?

(We have video documentation but it's on Matt's phone and getting it to the blog is presenting a challenge. I'll keep trying though!)