09 September 2009

Back to work and back to school

Well, everyone's vacation is over! Matt was given the green light to return to work last week and has been sweating and exhausted ever since. On the first day he returned to work he was asked to turn in a letter of intention for a supervisors position at UPS. It was a surprise after being out of work for several months. His bosses were serious though and he's gone ahead and started the process.

The kids have also returned to school... and none to soon!!! They both enjoy their teachers so far. I'm still waiting for the onslaught of homework. Heaven knows we had enough their first day of school. I believe it took me until 1 in the morning to finish filling out all the forms they bring home.

And, in a nutsehell- that's it. I'm tired an everything in the house is sleeping so off I go to join them. :D

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Wendyburd1 said...

How has it been, just you, Lucy and Gretchen??